This Goat Was Depressive And Refused To Eat, But When He Saw His Friend Again? Priceless!

Love isn't only beautiful between humans, and also not between animals.. Love is everywhere and can appear in every situation, and that's what this video proves!

Because the main role in this story is Mr. G, the goat of a couple who lives at a farm. Mr. G grew up between donkeys and was one of them. He had a nice and peaceful life and everybody was happy. But at a day the couple decided to get rid of the donkeys and focus more on the other animals. Mr. G was broken and felt miserable and alone. Especially because he was best friends with a donkey called Jellybean. The fact that he had to miss him made him depressive.


Thing got out of control and Mr. G didn't want to eat anymore and his owners didn't know what to do. The only thing they could do was to reunite him with his best friend. After a lot of reconsiderations they decided to do this, and the result is hartwarming!

It's so great to see that love doesn't know time or type. If love is real nothing else matters, beautiful!


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