This Guy Solved A 17x17x17x Rubik's Cube, The Way He Solved It Is Mind Blowing

We have seen many impressive geniuses solving the Rubik's Cube within minutes. As if that was not impressive enough, someone challenged himself to solve a humongous Rubik's Cube sized 17x17x17x. I already become dizzy by just looking at it!

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The process of completion took several days, as he struggled solving the cube. His theory in solving this puzzle is the reduction method, meaning he would start solving from the center outwards. It took him 5 days to solve the cube by using the reduction method, however the most difficult part was to find the exact piece you are looking for. The pieces are so tiny, it is very easy to mistake the pieces located next to each other.

See how the "Genius" was able to solve this big mystery of a puzzle!

Do you think you or one of your friends have the brain and the mental persistence to solve this crazy puzzle, I know I wouldn't be able to!


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