This Is The Cleaver Secret Why Every IKEA Cup Looks Broken, I Never Thought Of This

This is a coffee cup from the IKEA, everybody knows them. And there is nothing special about this cup. But at the bottom of every cup there is a very interesting detail, because every cup looks like they're missing a piece which also made it look like the production of the cup went wrong.


It's about this detail, ever noticed?


This picture was posted online and people started speculating about the reason of this strange detail. Because it has to be for something right? Some say it is designed so it doesn't get vacuum while others say it's a sigaret holder. Another one says it's designed to distract warmth, but we have THE answer from IKEA:

The small detail at the bottom of the cup is made so the water doesn't stay on the cup when it's in the dishwasher because that leaves a mess. Wow I never thought of that, what a great team there at IKEA!

I really learned something today, did your friends already know about this?


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