This Is The Coldest Village On Earth, You Won't Believe This

We all know that Russia has rough winters, but what you are about to see is the living proof of the coldest place on the globe.

The village is called Oymyakon and is considered to be The Coldest Village on Earth. The cold winters in Oymyakon reach about an average of -51°C in January, dropping down to -71°C in February.

If you enjoy being outside in the freezing cold, this is a place you must visit!

All cars that are outside have to be switched on at all times keeping the engine warm.

quotidiano quotidiano

Feel like going to the toilet? Well you got to be quick before you become frozen onto the toilet seat.

core77 core77

The only way to find food is to go out in the snow for some ice fishing.

interestingengineering interestingengineering

Most of the houses are covered with snow, causing the doors and windows to completely freeze.

subaonet subaonet

An Amazing picture of one of the villagers dressed up in fur, I hope this keeps her warm enough.

bp bp

Though Oymyakon is mostly famous for its chilling winters, the surrounding territory is a popular tourist destination during the summer. I would really like to go and explore the breathtaking beauty of these lands.

askyakutia askyakutia


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