This Little Girl Was Abused By Her Teacher, But What She Did After Is Immense!

This aggressive teacher from Russia might think twice next time he's trying to humble a student like this.

He was quite put in his place by this little girl! This incident was filmed with a mobile phone by a classmate of the girl. The video shows how the poor little girl was humiliated by her english teacher because she didn't understand the assignment.

The teacher starts yelling and yelling and starts to knock on her head. At that point the girl thinks its enough and kicks the teacher in his ****, let's be polite and call it the private part.

A beautiful video which show that you can't do anything you want as a teacher!

This will teach him a lesson! I hope the teacher is fired, because no parent wants a teacher like this on their child's school. What we know for sure is that the parents of this girl can be very proud of the girl's reaction.


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