This Mother of 6 Children Had A Little Laundry, But How She Transformed It Puzzled Me Forsaken!

Ronda Batchelor was tired of her old laundry room. She is a mother of six children and is constantly engaged in the laundry. For seven years she was doing day in day out her laundry in a far too small laundry room. There were no closets, there was no room to fold the clothes and she could never get rid of her baskets. This meant that the clothing of the family on the floor, on shelves or the couch in the living room was scattered. But with just $ 400 and a little ingenuity they created a super-efficient and highly functional, new laundry room in her house.


She carefully selected discounted materials from the local thrift store. She founded her brand new laundry room with a folding ironing board, clever storage and lots of baking. It features six removable baskets which are housed in a bespoke cabinet. In the baskets is the folded laundry of each child, so the kids just need their own basket to take to their room to do their laundry.

"I like to have things organized, but it must also have a function,"

Says Ronda. From now on, the children can easily their dirty clothes in the right basket without stopping it will look pretty messy in the washroom.

In total, they spent $ 409 and it took six months to make the laundry room fully livable and functional. And be honest, the results are pretty stunning!


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