United States Navy Seal Was Mistakenly Targeted For Burglary By Thugs

There is always a chance that robbers will eventually target the wrong house to plunder, standing eye to eye with someone you do NOT want to mess with!

Meet Robert O’Neill, a former Navy SEAL of the United States Army who is famous for shooting Osama Bin Laden. His house was mistakenly targeted by a gang of street thugs, who had the intention to completely empty his entire house. Unfortunately for the thugs, they have messed with the wrong guy!

O'Neill O'Neill

The robbery took place at 1 Am, as 5 thugs silently sneaked into the house of the Navy SEAL. Their night was about the end up in a total disaster, as the thugs were caught out by O'Neill by surprise and were hospitalized with severe injuries. The criminals were associated with the street gang the Crips, as they mistakenly were trying to rob the wrong house, ironically the initial target was the O'Neill's neighbor The thugs were aiming to collect a drug debt obtained from a former crime, however Mission Failed.

According to the Police, “Mr. O’Neill had just turned in for the night, but was awoken by a loud crash when his backdoor was abruptly kicked in. As the five thugs ran aimlessly through the home, Mr. O’Neill used silent hand-to-hand combat tactics to individually disarm them of their weapons.  Once Mr. O’Neill had taken down the five men and secured his home, he brewed a pot of coffee and called the police station. Those boys sure did find the wrong house!”.

Reporters state that O'Neill is a hero, but he merely thinks that the criminals targeted the wrong guy at  the worst time of the day. If they have had planned their invasion properly, they would not have to end up in the hospital. O'neill's main concern is his broken door, and demands the thugs to be charged for it accordingly.

The intended suspect has fled his house during the incident and no trails lead to his current location. Moreover, the purpose for invading O"neill's house was revealed, as the robbers were trying to collect a debt of $50 worth of marijuana, can you believe it!

Next time Burglars, i hope you think twice before invading a house! You might end up face to face with someone like O'Neill!



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