Woman Is Pregnant For Over 40 Years, This Is Incredible

Imagine being pregnant for over 40 years without even realizing it.

An 84 Brazilian woman had a lot of complaints about stomach pain and extreme dizziness. The woman experienced immense pain in her stomach when she became pregnant, and went to see a witch doctor in her village. The witch Doctor gave her a special medication that eased the pain, however her stomach stopped growing and she didn’t feel any movement of the baby inside.

After all these years she finally took the step to visit the hospital, the results are shocking!

By performing an X-ray on the woman’s stomach, they were able to find a 40-year-old STONE BABY!

Dailymail Dailymail

The results after removing the baby from the womb were absolutely shocking!

Dailymail Dailymail

According to the Doctors, the unborn baby has developed outside of the womb and became calcified. The woman’s body got adapted to having a fetus in her stomach and she carried it around for more than 4 decades.

For the full documentary on this rare case see the video below


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