Worlds Largest Breasts, Cup 70Y

Mayra Hills claims to have the biggest breasts in this entire universe. I really could not believe it at first, but it seems that her bra size is 70Y. Each breast weighs less than 10 pounds, each weighing about as much as a puppy or a car tire. For those who are strong believers, the cup of Mayra are not natural!


Mayra, is also known as the German model "Beshine", earning a very good good living thanks to her huge chest! When her career in the porn industry began, she had an ordinary A-cup, however after having great success she decided to treat herself with series of breast enlargements. Up until the day of today, Mayra reached a cup size of 70Y, the largest breasts size known so far.

how beautiful this story may seem, Mayra's back suffers from carrying those huge jugs around. Also, when she tries to exercise, all her bras are ruined due to the massive pressure of her breasts.

Think twice before you enlarge your breasts, it can change your life in many negative ways!


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