You Won't Believe These 5 Unbelievable Nature Phenomena’s, #4 Is So Scary

1.) The Mekong River

The people of Thailand and Laos have the opportunity to experience one of the most breath taking phenomena in this period of time.

Every October of the year fireballs shoot out of the ‘Mekong River’ multiple meters high into the air.

The amount of fireballs shot vary on a day to day basis, within the second week the “Mekong River” Reached its peak by rocketing over thousand fireballs into the sky.

According to scientists on sight, the cause of this phenomenon is unexplainable, however the local community of Laos is convinced that the fireballs are divine farts from ‘Naga’ a supernatural snake who swims in the Mekong River.

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2.) Mass cow suicide in Swiss

An unexplainable thing happend in a little village called ‘Lauterbrunnen’

Three years ago 28(!!) cows commited suicide by jumping of a 28 metres high mountain clif. The reason remains unknown why these cows threw themselfes of the mountain, some may say they were possesed by evil spirits, is it true or what is the real reason?

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3.) Spontaneously on fire

It's a little creepy to realize that everybody spontaneously can burst into flames. You don’t believe me?

For the time being over 200 activities have occurred where people became victim of spontaneous combustion. Some think the reason for this ignition is due too much gas build up in our bodies, others blame it on the alcohol or just a simple burning cigarette. Unfortunately there is no clear explanation for these incidents.

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4.) Fire tornado

According to the inhabitants of Sao Paolo in 2012 the world almost came to an end, when suddenly a flaming tornado ran riot through the highlands of the city.

The fire fighters in action were confronted with a huge wall of fire during a forest fire; this phenomenon was a combination of extreme drought, hard wind, and farmers who just like a nice fire.

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5.) Inexplicable ‘supernatural’ light

Deep the in the forests in the Norwegian town Hessdalen, unexplained floating lights have been spotted flashing through the sky several times a year.

Some theories direct their answer towards UFO’s, others just a lost piece of the northern light. Up until today, tell the no scientist could actually reason of the rare visualizations of the floating light.

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